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Ten ways of getting hooked on video games

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are the three combatants in a fierce battle for portions of a pie which in 2008 turned over more than 30 billion euros. Spain is the fourth largest consumer of video games in Europe and the sixth largest in the world.

"... And the figures will keep on growing. According to the European Audiovisual and Telecommunications Institute (IDATE), the market is expected to grow to 46.9 billion units in 2012. But the figures vary from one country to another. While at world level Sony consoles have the lowest sales, in Spain PlayStation 2 is still, according to a report by the Association of Entertainment Software Publishers and Developers (aDeSe), the platform with the biggest market share (29.5%), followed by PlayStation 3 (16.7%). Wii is third on the list (14%), followed by Nintendo DS (12.6%) and PSP (12%). The Xbox, with 6.6%, is still near the bottom.

Taking the Japanese, American and European markets as a whole, the Wii (with 61 million consoles sold) is the favourite, followed by the Xbox 360 (35 million) and PlayStation 3 (29 million). The supreme handheld console is the Nintendo DS. According to the specialist consultants VGChartz, more than 119 million console units have already been sold.

But the main differences are not a mere matter of numbers. Both the various PlayStations and the Xbox have gone for super-powerful processors and hyperrealist graphics. Nintendo, for its part, has sought to attract a different public and produced innovative peripherals, making users get up off their sofas.

Nintendo has the edge

Thus Nintendo’s white machine topped the sales charts, became the women’s favourite and attracted a much broader public. In its favour is the way that it has socialized the gaming process, turning it into something for family and friends. Against it is the fact that it is the oldest of the three, though the release of a new version has already been announced.

Traditional gamers prefer the realism and raw power of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Ultra-fast processors, huge memories, a big game catalogue and the way that they are real multimedia centres are factors in their favour.

It is not surprising that not even the experts – as a look at the sites of Consumersearch, Cnet or TopTenREVIEWS shows – do not agree. The question is not to find the best one, but the optimal one for each individual. The battle for the market has only just begun."

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Ten ways of getting hooked on video games
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